Please read all instructions before installing the Glidewell Track Pocket Door Guide.

  • Make sure top track of Pocket Door is full length of pocket and level.
  • Inside pocket door opening, floor should be level and flush with existing floor.
  • For applied application (see Figure E), door should be cut from the bottom.  Recommended space needed is 3/4” clearance.
  • On inlayed application (see figure F) router 1”W X3/8”D by length of door.
  • Mount female track (see figure A) on bottom of door (make sure track is centered).  Use #6 fine thread screws (see figure C) included. Recommended to pre-drill all holes.
  • Hang door with male and female tracks in place (see figure D).  Insure male track is flush with door jam.  Scribe a line on both sides of male track, then slide pocket door to closed position.  Drill and screw male track in place.
  • Slide pocket door back and forth to insure smooth gliding motion of your newly installed pocket door.
  • *As a side note, the rollers on the track above may need adjustment,  there is enough room to do this, just make sure that the rollers are level and moving without any rubbing or chafing on bottom track.  Our pocket door guide is only a guide to keep the door from wobbling and moving in a straight forward manner.  It is not meant for load bearing and the male and female parts you have just installed DO NOT rest upon one another, there should be at least a 1/16” separating both male and female pieces.

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